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Progress 4: New shorts by Dottir-Of-Loki Progress 4: New shorts :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 1 1 Back in Black: Part 01 by Dottir-Of-Loki Back in Black: Part 01 :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 3 5 Hair Dyed Red by Dottir-Of-Loki Hair Dyed Red :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 3 3 Fun with Cotton Candy by Dottir-Of-Loki Fun with Cotton Candy :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 4 6 New hat!!!!!! by Dottir-Of-Loki New hat!!!!!! :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 2 0 straw hat by Dottir-Of-Loki straw hat :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 2 2 First time in a dress by Dottir-Of-Loki First time in a dress :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 5 11 Chiss Me by Dottir-Of-Loki Chiss Me :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 0 2 A flattering color by Dottir-Of-Loki A flattering color :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 2 2 C'est moi by Dottir-Of-Loki C'est moi :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 1 2
A life in transition: I just want to be me
When I was younger, like in the 11-13 range. I was doing things and thinking things that weren't "normal" for a boy. It's only now I realized why there this thought there was something wrong with me, because I had my thinking cap on backwards, to paraphrase a phrase. I remember many times, that these thoughts are wrong...I suppressed these thoughts and things for years. I'm 28 now and I realized that I shouldn't have done that, I am this way and I shouldn't penalized for it.
I remember wanting to be a girl, to turn into a girl, to dress like a girl. Being raised as a boy, and feeling like made me think I was a freak. Was I ever comfortable with my male body? Probably not, on some level I was somewhat underdeveloped, I age physically slightly slower than some people. I remember being really fearful of changing in front of other males when in junior high school, most likely due to those thoughts I kept trying to suppress.
There were other things I kept thinking about, I kept ha
:icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 3 6
A life in transition: funds and insurance
A life in transition: funds and insurance
When talking and/or thinking about it, one of the things the tends to be a big issue, is funds. For some, insurance will be able to cover in part or whole of the cost(s) to go from start to finish. Typically starts with psych evals, moves to things like HRT and will end for many with SRS. While that last sentence is a generalized synopsis of what happens for many people in transition, I've come to realize research is key.
Many people who want to transition are typically out of a job, haven't had a job, or are simply not in a decent financial situation to pay for transition partly or wholly. This can be most difficult on teens that want to go from male to female and vice versa, whether or not their family is supportive, a lack of funds and/or enough funds in any case is a big problem. There are a lot of insurance plans in recent years that cover things like psych visits and HRT, but not SRS.
Whatever the case maybe, getting a job is more than ke
:icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 1 0
A life in transition: Wasted Time
A Life in transition: Wasted Time
I'm in my late 20s, do I wish I realized it sooner? In my way early teens, there were telltale signs. But I suppressed that part of me as much as I could, I had enough trouble fitting it as it was. I thought maybe something was wrong with me, and there was...I wasn't feel very "male". Only now, not long after my 28th birthday back in Jan of 2015 do I realize this.
If was born just 10 years later, I might have had a better shot and transitioning than I do right now. Especially do to voice concerns, teeth and my hair loss. I've known for a good long time I was going to go bald in some form when I got older, it runs on both sides of my family. I've had some teeth removed in my time as a male and they aren't in the best of shape either.
My voice is low too, which concerns me greatly if/when it will come time to pass as female. All of those things combined, make me wish I realized it sooner and didn't buy into what I was forced fed (so to speak) in my 28 ye
:icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 1 0
Loki/Lady Loki symbol pic
Why the loki/lady loki pic?
Its become the symbol of my transition, loki was seen as male when he was in male form and female while in female form....loki was still loki either way to the gods and goddesses of asgard. His form didn't matter to them, sometimes his antics with form changes aided the gods.
In marvel comics, asgardians were once had their forms destroyed, and were reborn into human beings...much like how Thor's physical self was sealed in a human while his asgardian powers were bound to his hammer mjonir. Loki was beborn into the body of a woman, loki still retained all the powers of loki...but loki's natural state was that of a woman.
Loki is perhaps the transgender/transsexual and pansexual icon of marvel comics now, it doesn't matter what form loki takes...loki will be loki.
The reason I chose a pic of loki/lady loki is because its the most accurate representation of myself during this transition period of how I look vs feel.
It will have to do for now, until I can affo
:icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 0 0
A life in transition: mannerisms
A life in transition: Mannerisms
*I've decided to record some of my thoughts about certain things while I have "a life in transition", these thoughts won't be in any order. They're just things I'd like to get off my chest, when they come to mind ya know?
You don't think too much or read too much into them, society indoctrinates you into your gender role(s) from birth to death and expect you to adhere to them. When you're younger, you don't know that much nor the way of the world. So how are you supposed to know any different? Typically the teen years is when people are exposed to new ways of things and/or old things they never new about.
Teen years are time of change little by little for most, mass change for some, etc etc. This is typically when people begin to branch out from their ideals, morals, beliefs, etc etc established by their family and/or whatever form of upbringing someone has. A lot of teens realize many things around this time, such as that the come to the co
:icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 1 0
Fangirling by Dottir-Of-Loki Fangirling :icondottir-of-loki:Dottir-Of-Loki 0 4


AT Momdad by Egg-gi AT Momdad :iconegg-gi:Egg-gi 20 1 AV: Working Girl by objectively-pink AV: Working Girl :iconobjectively-pink:objectively-pink 228 17 Vexel 1 by Jauzy Vexel 1 :iconjauzy:Jauzy 1 1 Brady and Karma Chameleon by Blazbaros Brady and Karma Chameleon :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 277 46 Sorsha with Special Effects by WhyMe777x Sorsha with Special Effects :iconwhyme777x:WhyMe777x 7 6 Officer Jenny Mudbray by Wooga Officer Jenny Mudbray :iconwooga:Wooga 5 0 arrest by judyislove arrest :iconjudyislove:judyislove 10 2 Officer JENNY by BluTaiger Officer JENNY :iconblutaiger:BluTaiger 4 0 Strawboary by TheBearTamer Strawboary :iconthebeartamer:TheBearTamer 7 7 U.S.S. Defiant Sketch by DogGirlKari U.S.S. Defiant Sketch :icondoggirlkari:DogGirlKari 11 40 Commission: Eithne by kariavalon Commission: Eithne :iconkariavalon:kariavalon 93 14 Corrine Reads a Story... by kariavalon Corrine Reads a Story... :iconkariavalon:kariavalon 48 2 MYO Ice Cream Cow: Chocolate and vanilla sprinkles by Usagi-buns MYO Ice Cream Cow: Chocolate and vanilla sprinkles :iconusagi-buns:Usagi-buns 14 4 Deer Woman by Rozen-Rose Deer Woman :iconrozen-rose:Rozen-Rose 8 3 Wendy, the roastlord herself by Sorapoi Wendy, the roastlord herself :iconsorapoi:Sorapoi 201 7 Jasmine by Axsens Jasmine :iconaxsens:Axsens 1,466 34



United States
You can all me Snowy

(A life in transition)

Starting upon my journey to my true self, haters need not comment.

This is a zone for understanding and the search for personal truth, so keep that in mind while you're here.

Yes I was "born" male, but I have recently come to terms with the fact...that doesn't sit right with me. It's not who I am or have ever truly been, I know that now. It was quite the realization to say the least, only wish it didn't take me so many years to figure it out.

So now here I am, currently starting my journey to my true self. At the moment, its slow going (mostly due to lack of funds) and finding support to help through this is hard. Stories about people whom have gone mtf or ftm, and made it out okay...those give me hope. It makes me happy to realize that I am really a woman deep down inside, but also scared of potential backlash for going public with it.

I prefer if you thought, regarded, called me, etc etc female pronouns and/or nouns.

....happily taken <3


Progress 4: New shorts
I really liked this style of shorts on girls, even before I began to naturally, I wanted some! XD

It's my first time wearing shorts like this, and I love 'em! :heart:

They're a tad shorter than I've ever worn before though, I don't think my boyfriend will mind. And if he is reading ya babe :blowkiss:
Back in Black: Part 01
Well, I'm in the process of reviving my goth days. and this is my favorite pic from my test set today
Hair Dyed Red
Well i got my hair dyed today, while it looks orangy in the's just the lighting, trust me.


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